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Empla results from the Leksand, Sweden workshop in October 2022 with support from Félag Heyrnarlausra, Iceland, and Dramaski, Sweden, and a grant from Nordplus. Nordic parents, teachers, and advocates met in Vastanviks folkhögskola. It immediately became clear that the three-day workshop was not enough time to share about our fight against language assimilation, and for that reason the Empla vodcast was born.

In the vodcast on this website, topics range from sign language in early childhood to education in sign language, embracing and owning our expertise, the soft skills of advocacy, and much more. In addition, I talk about my experiences as a parent of two deaf children in Iceland and Sweden. I also interview parents, teachers, and advocates from Nordic countries about their advocacy for education in sign language. 


This platform allows us to pass on ideas and methods we find meaningful to others. Most crucially, the vodcast will help create a sense of community and shared purpose, which is Empla’s fundamental aim.

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